Here's 3 Reasons Why Youth Entrepreneurship is Important

youth entrepreneurship can make all the difference!

Let's talk about youth entrepreneurship and more specifically, why it could make all the difference in your students' learning experience!

If you think back to the days when you were in elementary, middle, and high school, what classes stick out the most to you? Everyone’s answer is different, but generally, we remember certain classes over others because of the ways that subject or teacher inspired us. Studies have shown that promoting interest positively affects a more motivated, engaged, and active learning environment.  

Interest can be experienced in two different ways: a situational experience of momentarily being engaged in something or an individual experience of regularly engaging with and continually exploring more about a particular topic. When students show interest in a subject matter, learning becomes an effortless experience, and they are more likely to pay attention and get involved on a deeper level. 

Sadly, a survey of over 230,000 students in grades 3 through 12, showed that only half of them actually found what they were learning interesting and relevant to the real world. Youth entrepreneurship is growing in popularity because students are seeking more tangible and relevant skills that will contribute to their daily lives and futures! 

Not everyone goes into careers that involve calculus, chemistry, or geography, but everyone can benefit from being taught how to problem solve, think critically, collaborate with others, and brainstorm innovative solutions. These are only a few of the skills that students can gain from an entrepreneurial curriculum that is critical for success in any career path!

Not only is youth entrepreneurship a positive teaching tool but it is also a powerful mechanism for engaging young people in the classroom.

Students are able to explore all kinds of topics and discover their passions through entrepreneurship. The process of starting a business and thinking with an entrepreneurial mindset encompasses various school subjects.

  • Students who are more interested in MATH can apply their skills in a real-world context by learning how to finance a company, including pricing, budgeting, and funding.
  • Students interested in SCIENCE have the opportunity to use their knowledge for product ideation and the research and development process of new technology.
  • There are many outlets for writing including business plans, public relations, and marketing campaigns, for those interested in ENGLISH and writing.
  • Students who enjoy HISTORY have the ability to apply their research skills to the history of the economy in a specific industry and understand how a new business model can fit into that sector.  

Whether your students are scientists, mathematicians, writers, or historians, entrepreneurship provides a unique opportunity for students to apply their passions in a multitude of ways, while learning real-world skills. Developing an entrepreneurial mindset is essential for any future career, and soft skills in the workplace are more important now than ever before

Being empathetic, emotionally intelligent, adaptable, resilient, and determined are just a few of the skills employers are looking for. Teaching entrepreneurship promotes a growth mindset that encourages being flexible and open to change. Students are taught to learn as problem solvers, critical thinkers, and risk takers while working collaboratively with their peers. These skills are invaluable regardless of if you are the CEO of a company, a teacher, or an employee at a fast food restaurant. Thinking with an entrepreneurial mindset opens the doors of opportunity for students to imagine a wide array of future career paths.   

With corporate social responsibility becoming a more common aspect of the business world, students are also encouraged to apply their learning in a social justice context. Teaching an entrepreneurial mindset allows students to analyze problems they see in their communities, the economy, and the environment, and use their research to inform effective solutions

Youth entrepreneurship builds the most influential changemakers.

Investing in an entrepreneurial curriculum for the classroom is investing in the next generation of leaders. Students are looking for ways to make positive impacts on the world, so why wouldn’t we equip them with the skills they need to do just that? When you work with Mindset & Milestones, we make it easy for you to implement this curriculum into your classroom. We offer comprehensive, engaging lesson plans in both video and presentation format, as well as project ideas, and other exciting classroom activities. With Mindset & Milestones curriculum, your students will be thinking with an entrepreneurial mindset in no time!     

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