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Full Class Projects

This newsletter will give you everything you need for easy, plug-n-play projects including student instruction sheets, project examples, and project tips!
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21st-Century Project Deliverables

Examples & Templates

Projects will share examples and templates to help you apply real-world learning and show your students why school still matters in the 21st-century. 
Read-to-Use Projects w/

Tips & Tools

Our goal is always to make things fun for your students while providing you with the right tools to make the projects a success!
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Diondraya Taylor. Ph.D.
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Founder and CEO
Hi, I'm Dr. Diondraya and I created this newsletter because the one thing that every teacher wants is for their students to care. I've learned that from my years as a teacher, my doctoral education research, and the hundreds of hours I've spent with educators.

Since many of us have topics we have to cover, it's hard to make room for fun and real-world applications, but class projects are the exception. If you have a spare hour or two and you're not sure what to spend it on, this subscription will be your saving grace every week.

I'm no stranger to the "Sunday Scaries" so the subscription comes every Sunday because the week ahead should be something to look forward to. I hope these class projects do that for you.
How much does the description cost?
The subscription costs $4 per month and you get a full class project every week of that month you're subscribed!
Who is the subscription designed for?
Middle and high school educators looking to bring some lively projects and real-world learning into their class, for any subject! The subscription is also great for educators of additional groups (after school clubs, non-profit extracurriculars, adult education programs, etc) looking for ways to bring fun and applied learning together! 
Am I able to cancel or pause the subscription?
Of course, we have no interest in holding you hostage so you can cancel or come back at anytime! If you want to keep it until summer, cancel for a few months, then start back up in the fall you can absolutely do that. 

Get Rid of your Sunday Scaries.

Class projects will come every Sunday to give you exciting things to do with students and remind you why you started teaching in the first place.
Helping educators realize their power to change the future though students!
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