She is an 8th grade teacher at a Girls Public Charter School. She lead an entrepreneurship club using two products: (1) Mindset Essentials Teacher Curriculum and (2) Mindset & Milestones Student Workbook.
"The middle schoolers enjoyed having something new to work on and they had such big ideas. I was so impressed with their creativity and they were motivated to work on it even after they went home!


He is a high school teacher at a Girls Private School. He lead an entrepreneurship course using two products: (1) Mindset Essentials Teacher Curriculum and (2) Start to Launch Student Course.
"The girls really love doing the curriculum and being more independent with it! The content doesn't fry their brains and it's more reflective so they're really having fun!"


She is a high school teacher at a Girls Public Charter School. She lead a social entrepreneurship club using one product: (1) Mindset & Milestones Student Workbook.
"It is the perfect book for budding entrepreneurs! The activities are timely, thoughtful and engaging. I recommend this book fully!"



Arlene T.

Founder of Clarity Podcast

“My favorite part of my entrepreneurial journey with Mindset & Milestones is the fact that I was able to try something new and create something that could truly benefit others! I had no clue of the time/effort it takes nonprofit organizations to establish themselves, and I'm grateful I'm in the know of what to do from here on out with my startup.”

Siima M.

Founder of Educate All

“The best thing I learned through this program is tenacity. In these unprecedented times, it has been difficult for me to get up and have something to be excited about. However, this program allowed me to push myself to create something I am very passionate about and I am excited to continue to work on.”

Sandra C.

Co-founder of Dear Global Girls

“At the start of this program, I had no idea how to be an entrepreneur, I merely just liked the idea of it. Now I know the steps in being one and the different components of running a business. The book, mentor sessions, and workshops all gave me great insight and valuable information that I can use in the present and future. This ambassador program gave me the first step to a long journey to come.”

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We create materials to help teachers provide youth with entrepreneurial skills! Our curriculum not only empowers youth but also gives educators the tools to lead entrepreneurial experiences in their own programs, classrooms, and more.
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