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How much does the membership cost?
The educator membership costs $49 per month and includes 60+ hours of content, lesson plans, videos, slide decks, worksheets, projects, book + podcast recommendations and so much more. The most valuable part of staying subscribed is that we are constantly adding new curriculum content that keeps that classroom fresh and exciting to encourage student engagement and 21st-century skills development.
Who is the membership designed for?
Middle and high school educators are the main user groups for our curriculum, but it is also great for educators of additional groups (after school clubs, non-profit extracurriculars, adult education programs, etc) looking to help students and young people broadly start their entrepreneurial journey. 
Can I use the content in the membership for class and programs other than entrepreneurship?
Absolutely! We have educators integrating the content from our educator membership into financial literacy courses, social justice programs, even english classes. The reason that works so well is because the content is focused on real-world learning and entrepreneurship is an easy lens for students to apply, but the projects and lessons can be used to bring any subject or class into the real-world while encouraging students to build deliverables that start to fill out their personal and professional portfolios.
Do students need to access the content at all or just the educator?
You as the educator are the only one who needs access to the curriculum membership, and anything that the students need, like worksheets or links, you just share with the directly like you would anything else. Our membership is not a learning management system (LMS) or a textbook, it is a full vault of curriculum for you as the educator to take advantage of in making your classes and programs more exciting end effective places of learning. No extra hassle required!
Am I able to cancel or pause the membership?
Of course, we have no interest in holding you hostage so you can cancel or come back at anytime! If you want to keep it until summer, cancel for a few months, then start back up in the fall you can absolutely do that. 
Does this content in this curriculum membership work for online, in-person, and hybrid classes?
Our learning content is well-suited for all 3 modes of teaching. Between our self-guided and group-based options, pdfs that can be edited or printed, and the use of multiple media for teaching, students can be well served whether they’re in a classroom, on a screen, or both!
What is the refund policy for the membership?
You have a full 14 days to cancel your first month of the membership. For the subsequent months, as long as you cancel within three days of a new month's charge, you can get your refund for that month. Following the 3 days, you will be removed but have access through that full month. For example, let's you've been a member for 4 months and it's June which means summer break. You decide to cancel on June 3rd and your charge without through June 1st, since that's only 2 days you can receive a refund for the charge on June 1st and your membership access would end that day. Alternatively, if the charge went through June 1st and you cancel on June 13th then you could not receive a refund for the month of June since it's more than 3 days after the charge, but you will not be charged for July or any months onward and you would be able to keep your access through the month of June. 

What kinds of students do you have?

 Bored and Uninterested 
bored and uninterested students
They need something that makes them see the point of school.
Benefits for them:
✓ Passion finding and exploration
✓ Real-world relevance made clear
✓ Skills to leverage beyond school
Learn more here.
 High Energy but Unfocused 
high energy but unfocused students
They are talkative with energy but their energy isn't effectively focused.
Benefits for them:
✓ Gives students a fun focal point
✓ Allows for lively group work
✓ Projects for valuable public-speaking
Learn more here.
 Ambitious High Achiever 
young girl excited for school
They have their sites set high and looking for ways to get the edge.
Benefits for them:
✓ Robust portfolio building
✓ Develop highly marketable skills
✓ Complete intensive capstone projects
Learn more here.
Diondraya Taylor headshot smiling
Diondraya Taylor. Ph.D.
Founder and CEO
Mindset & Milestones

We created this curriculum subscription to make a difference for students and support educators.

Hi! My name is Diondraya and I built Mindset & Milestones because I believe in our students potential and I know that educators need more support. I fell in love with the startup space through my roles with different startups, I recognized entrepreneurship as an amazing tool to encourage innovation, goal setting, and boldness in youth when they are given the space to build REAL businesses. 

My teachers have had the most profound impact on my life. I say that now as a proud triple Bruin having graduated from UCLA with a B.S. in psychobiology and entrepreneurship, a Master’s in Education, and a Ph.D. in Education and Organizational Change. Between my organization and my research, I am committed to the preparation of youth for the future of work and the development of educational systems that support innovative learning.
Helping educators realize their power to change the future though students!
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