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Welcome to "She's Getting Started"

A blog to share inspiring entrepreneurial stories and information with young women, parents, and teachers!

Thanks for coming to check our new blog: She’s Getting Started!

At Mindset & Milestones, our mission is to prepare girls to succeed in the world as it stands while helping girls develop the skills to create a world that’s more equitable for us all. We use entrepreneurship to achieve that mission through our workbook, Mindset & Milestones: A Girl’s Guide to Thinking Like an Entrepreneur.

BUT we realized there was also a need for more stories and information that speaks to young women so we decided that we would create this blog to fill that void!

This blog will feature a new female entrepreneur every week! They will range from high school and college students getting started up to seasoned entrepreneurs. If you are an entrepreneur or know one who you’d like to be featured, submit it here! It could be a for-profit business, non-profit, or even a movement! Entrepreneurship includes all of those so share your story with us! We are so excited to shed light on female entrepreneurs to show young women everywhere that you don't have to have all the answers, you just have to start.

We will also be releasing content that is helpful for anyone new to starting a business or looking for some good resources that serve young women who aspire to do great things! If you have any questions that you want us to write about, submit them here! If you have a resource you want to share, submit it here! Our goal is to be helpful as well as inspirational so let us know how we can be helpful to YOU and we will share information about things you want to know!

Our first female founder feature is coming this Friday (5/8/20), but in the meantime here is some content you can check out!

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