M&M Ambassadors: Siima & Sandra!

Meet 2 of our fantastic Mindset & Milestones Ambassadors, Siima (right) and Sandra (left)! Sandra is a rising high school sophomore from Flushing, New York and Siima is a rising high school senior from Leesburg, Virginia. Read on to learn more about their passions, recent pursuits, and experiences with the program so far!

Why did you decide to join the Ambassador Program?

Siima: I decided to join the Ambassador Program because I’m eager to learn about business and entrepreneurship, as it is something I want to major in college. I also want to learn how to market and brand myself and this program is a great opportunity to learn both.

Sandra: When I first discovered the Ambassador Program, I was fascinated by its dedication to providing resources for female aspiring entrepreneurs like myself. I also wanted to learn skills I would never have been able to attain in school. From marketing strategies to advice on the college admissions process, this program is incredible and I am so happy to be a part of it!

What have you been working on during the Ambassador Program?

Siima: I'm currently working on making a platform to educate people about African and African-American history!

Sandra: I’m currently working on an organization I have co-founded that creates monthly digital magazines to inspire, educate, and empower girls around the globe. Our magazine features articles that educate girls on current issues regarding women, as well as a "Gen Z of the Month" in which we feature young girls who have taken initiative in their community. Our mission is to create a community in which girls believe they can thrive, learn, and succeed.

What has been your favorite part of the Ambassador Program so far?

Siima: My favorite part of the Ambassador Program is working through the workbook and watching my business idea grow with the guidance and mentorship of Diondraya.

Sandra: Honestly everything! The workshops are super insightful and helpful to me as I grow and expand my knowledge in entrepreneurship and my organization. Diondraya has also been super sweet in helping me make my organization, Dear GlobalGirls, the best it can be by pointing out flaws and suggesting improvements. I can really connect with her about anything and she always has a solution!

What lessons do you think entrepreneurship can teach girls?

Siima: Entrepreneurship teaches girls about tenacity and grit. It makes you a better decision-maker, better planner, and pushes you to take risks despite all odds.

Sandra: Girls have been excluded from so many opportunities in the past and even today, who knows how much the world could have advanced if society saw women as equal to men. Entrepreneurship can teach girls so much about themselves and their abilities and help them advance in their careers. From marketing, management, resilience, and so much more, the skills it can teach girls are endless!

What are you passionate about?

Siima: I am super passionate about girls' education, racial and social justice, closing the wage gap, climate change, and equality.

Sandra: I’m passionate about gender equality in STEM, entrepreneurship, and male-dominated industries. As a girl who dreams to pursue a career in both tech and business, it's something I can relate to. It makes my drive to learn how to code, to educate myself about current affairs, and to grow my organization greater, which creates a domino effect that can hopefully inspire girls everywhere.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Siima: In my free time, I like to read, play the piano, play basketball and volleyball, hang out with friends and family, attend leadership webinars or conferences, and travel.

Sandra: I love learning and trying new things so whether it be a new baking recipe, foreign language, or coding language, I am always up for a challenge! In addition, I like spending time with my family, walking around my neighborhood, playing badminton, and watching Netflix!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Siima: In 10 years, I see myself owning my own business and becoming successful in whatever profession I pursue, and most importantly, making an impact wherever I go. My life goal is to positively impact everyone I meet, so I hope that I continue to live out that goal in 10 years and beyond.

Sandra: I would have attained a degree in business management and computer science, gotten a job, and been traveling around the world to places like Singapore, Malaysia, Nigeria, Australia, and more. On my trips, I would speak to girls in schools, shelters, and community groups about the need for more female representation in STEM.

What is a fun fact about yourself?

Siima: My last birthday was a palindrome birthday: 02/02/2020.

Sandra: I have never broken a bone!

Thank you so much for reading and stay tuned for our future Ambassador Spotlights in the coming weeks!

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Stay happy, healthy, and innovative!
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