Meet the Team!

Diondraya Taylor, Ph.D

Founder & CEO

Diondraya Taylor is an education Ph.D. from UCLA and the founder of Mindset & Milestones: a social enterprise focusing on entrepreneurship education for youth! As she fell in love with the startup space through her role with different startups, she recognized entrepreneurship as an amazing tool to encourage innovation, goal setting, and boldness in youth- especially young girls at a time when gender inequity is still a reality. In her research, she focuses on risk-taking for young women in STEM and tries to understand their engagement in relation to the identities they hold. Between her business and her research, she is committed to the preparation of youth for the future and the advancement of women and girls in society.

Celly Budiman

Operations Associate

Arcellia, also known as Celly, is a UCLA graduate who studied communications with minors in Entrepreneurship & Environmental Systems and Society. She recently completed a project management certification. In the past few years, Celly has worked with companies across multiple industries—agriculture, fashion, tech, and education. Celly talks about her experience growing up in Indonesia as it relates to women accessing education, and she realizes the need for opportunities that allow girls to acquire a strong education and new skills. 
By joining the team as the Operations Associate, she holds the long term vision that Mindset & Milestones can be a channel for youth around the world to have equal opportunity to hone and practice their entrepreneurial skills and bloom into leaders with purpose and good hearts.

Emily Steidl

Outreach & Content Management Specialist

Emily is a student at UCLA studying Sociology with minors in Professional Writing and Entrepreneurship. She has been apart of entrepreneurial programs since she was in high school where she had the opportunity to launch her own successful business for several years. She is excited to be apart of the Mindset & Milestones team as she understands the value that entrepreneurship brings and feels passionate that this type of education has the potential to empower young people to be leaders in the classroom and beyond.

We create materials to help teachers provide youth with entrepreneurial skills! Our curriculum not only empowers youth but also gives educators the tools to lead entrepreneurial experiences in their own programs, classrooms, and more.
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