Initial Order Form

This form serves as an intial order form that we can use to prepare a reference invoice for you and your organization. Filling out this form does not commit you to payment of any kind, and is only for the purposes of allowing you to get access to the curriculum as quickly or as slowly as you like. Once your complete this form, we will send you a reference invoice that you can use to make decisions about onboarding, reply to with changes, use for creating a purchase order, or even purchase access directly from the invoice links if chosen. The goal is to make this process as simple as possible and this form allows us to reduce some back and forth emailing, spare your inbox, and get you started when you're ready!
Only for the purposes of proper notation in your reference invoice. We will not advertise or send information to your school/organization's address using any information this field.

Order Customization

This section is used to produce a reference invoice that you can make final decisions about, use as a guide for a Purchase Order, or even pay directly whenever you're ready! Filling out this form doesn't lock you into any commitment.
If it's just you, then enter 1. If you have a team or other colleagues , then enter the number of people who will need access to the curriculum.
All subscription and package pricings are shown for one year. The educator subscription alone includes access to te curriculum, while the packages include a customized teaching timeline, strategy calls, student curriculum access, and more depending on your needs!
Add-ons include student curriculum access seats, student venture consulting from Mindset & Milestones, student workbooks, and even additional facilitators!
This is a great place to share if you know that there's anything from above you would like customized in the reference invoice or if there's anything you're unsire about. We are more than happy to support you and your goals!

We create materials to help teachers provide youth with entrepreneurial skills! Our curriculum not only empowers youth but also gives educators the tools to lead entrepreneurial experiences in their own programs, classrooms, and more.
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