How to Use Google Sites for 21st-Century Teachers (+ 3 Project Ideas)

Oftentimes it can feel challenging to engage students with projects that might not feel relevant to their lives… If you are looking for a creative, useful, and technology-based classroom activity, then this blog post is for you! This Google Sites project entails an exciting activity that your students will not only enjoy learning about but will serve them in future educational and career paths. 

Some questions we’ll answer throughout this blog: 

  • How can I use Google Sites for classroom projects? 
  • How do I share Google Sites templates with my students? 
  • How do I teach the technical capabilities of Google Sites to my students in a way that is easy to comprehend? 

We hope that you enjoy this project-based learning style. If you’re looking for even more ideas to engage your students and introduce entrepreneurship into your classroom, take a look at more of our FREE resources

So why is Google Sites an excellent tool for educators to use with students? 

Not only is it a fun and engaging platform, but it also teaches students tangible skills! Digital literacy and competency skills are increasingly valued in the modern workforce and simultaneously aid in building communication and writing abilities. These are concrete deliverables that students can use on resumes, college applications, and speak about in interviews. 

In the context of teaching entrepreneurship, designing a website can make a business or non-profit idea come to life! By creating a space that outlines the mission, pricing, and product or service, the idea begins to feel more real and plausible. This project provides students the opportunity to discover the most effective ways to communicate their ideas to a targeted audience using both specific language strategies and digital design

How to Create a Google Site

From Start to Finish

Step 1: Log into your Google Sites account 

Step 2: Click "Create a New Site"

Step 3: Change the theme - explore different fonts & colors 

You can also create a custom theme and add your own logos and images. This is a great tool for students to experiment with creating their own consistent brand and get creative! 

Step 4: Create your menu… add different pages to your site (home page, about us, product/service, etc.) 

Step 5: Insert your information… you can choose different content blocks, text, images, social media links, calendars, videos, etc. 

Allow students to get creative with the formatting and try out multiple versions before they decide on the one that works best! 

Step 6: Once the website is finished, simply publish it! 

*BONUS: You can create a template that your students can use for their websites… 

Here are some specific project ideas to use with your students

1. Students become the teacher

Have your students create a site that teaches a concept from class to a particular audience.

*This idea is best used for traditional subjects --> Ex. Financial literacy class: teach budgeting to high school students to prepare for their first job. 

 2. Make an Idea Reel 

Students create a product or service idea to solve a problem or build a site for an idea they already have. 

*This idea is best used for non-traditional classes, where students can gain more hands-on experience, OR for any class with a capstone project (including art/design, business, entrepreneurship, or fashion).

3. Personal Websites 

Students can build a simple resume website for networking and professional purposes that outlines who they are, portfolios of their work, and any other creative ideas they may have.

*This idea is great for helping students feel prepared to enter the professional world! 

Google Sites is an easy tool to implement in any classroom and can be applied to various subjects! We hope you found some new tips and tricks for implementing this platform into your curriculum and providing your students with hands-on digital design and management experience. 

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