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Student apathy can be fixed. 

Our platform makes it easy to integrate real-world projects into any high school class with just 45 minutes per week

Get your students more engaged 
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Get the 1-on-1 teacher 
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Save hundreds of hours on project planning

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First-Year High School Teacher's Guide to Getting Students' Attention

Here's everything you get ($2,579 value)
1-on-1 Implementation
(fall semester)
Onboarding Call and Orientation
Done-for-You Implementation Plan
Hands-on Funding Support with your Admin
Monthly Check-ins
Ongoing Email Support
Complete Curriculum Library 
(12-month access)
100+ Hours of Curriculum
60+ Class Projects
40 Real-world Innovator Examples 
25+ Complete Lesson Slide Decks
50+ Book and Podcast Episode Recommendations
Class Music Playlist - 30 Songs
Teacher Success Kit
(fall semester)
"Get to know you" Student Quiz
3 Genius Classroom Management Strategies
Project Grading Rubrics
Student Success Report 
Custom "Thank You" Board to capture your students' experience! 

$99 to reserve your spot, and you'll get a full refund when we get your school to fund it!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What exactly comes with my $99 spot reservation?
This purchase reserves your seat for the Fall Semester 2024 BootCamp PLUS your 
(1) Onboarding Call, 
(2) Implementation Plan, 
(3) Three Months of Platform Access, and
(4) Hands-on Funding Support with your Admin. 
Is this only for first-year high school teachers?
No! If you are a second or third year teacher, or even a tenth year teacher who feels like you can't get your student's attention can't get them to engage, or do anything at all, then this is for you too! What we focus on are ways to integrate meaningful projects into your class so while we give you additional tools and resources to truly drive student engagement.
How much is the full cost of the bootcamp that my school will pay?
The full cost of the bootcamp is $500 and we work with top consulting firms to create clear, accurate language that aligns this bootcamp to Title 1, Title IV, and other federal and state grants to make sure that you get the full value of the program as well as a refund of your $99!
What happens if my school does not fund it?
If for some reason you school does not have earmarked funds that we qualify for and do not fund your fee for the bootcamp, then we have 2 options.
#1 - You keep everything that is included in your $99 purchase and once those are fulfilled, you begin launching your class with the new strategies you've learned!
#2 - You can enroll in our monthly subscription and maintain access to our curriculum throughout the semester of school year as long as you need for $30 per month.
How are you going to help me get my school to fund it?
Our goal is to refund you the full $99 by working with your school to fund your bootcamp and we work with top consulting firms to create clear, accurate language that aligns this bootcamp to Title 1, Title IV, and other federal and state grants. In addition to aligning our offering with existing funding sources, we also are happy to provide one-pagers, write emails, answer any questions they have, and even talk with them directly to communicate the massive benefit this will be to you and the students.
What is the refund policy for the $99 reservation?
You have up to 30 days from the date of your purchase to change your mind about program participation. The only exception to this policy is that once you have your first onboarding call and receive your implementation plan, you will no longer be able to get a refund. Consequently, as long as 30 days have not passed since your purchase and you have NOT receive your implementation plan, you can get a refund!
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This platform is really unique and I would call it very modern in its approach to address a lot of the needs of different types of classrooms. There's great activities, they're very engaging and it's sequenced in a way that's very approachable for the students.

Whether you have a block schedule, you are 100% asynchronous and independent study program or if you have a hybrid program like ours, there is a fit for all of those with this curriculum. That's one of the things I love the most.

And any questions I need have been promptly answered and Mindset & Milestones' support has been unwavering!


High School Biology Teacher & College Coach
DaVinci Schools
Teaches biology, marketing pathways, and entrepreneurship to help students prepare for the real-world and get CTE credits!

Become the teacher they always remember.

Our Fall Semester Cohort closes when we fill our 30 slots so don't wait.
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