10 Fun Entrepreneur Movies & TV Shows to Watch with Your Students

Most students love a classroom movie day! Here we’ll give you a list of great movies and TV shows that are engaging and educational, especially in the context of teaching entrepreneurship. We’ll explain why these entrepreneur movies and shows are relevant, what they’re rated, and where you can watch them! 

This movie list can easily be incorporated into your entrepreneurship curriculum lesson plans! If you think this will be useful, download our list here so that you can have it for later.

Here’s Our Entrepreneur Movies & TV list:

#1 Entrepreneur Movies & TV

Meet the Robinsons

Rated - G  |  Available for watch - DisneyPlus, Apple TV, Youtube Premium 

This movie follows the story of Boy genius Lewis, an inventor who has been whisked away into the future with time-traveler Wilbur Robinson and spends a day uncovering an amazing secret. The motto of the film is “Keep Moving Forward” which serves as an excellent reminder that mistakes, setbacks, and failure are all part of the process. These moments provide us with the ability to learn and grow, and in the context of entrepreneurship, to never give up on the things that we’re passionate about!

#2 Entrepreneur Movies & TV

Daddy Day Care

Rated - PG  |  Available for watch - Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV

Two dads are laid off and after having trouble finding new jobs, they become stay-at-home dads. This inspires them to create their own day-care center to bring in some extra income. This comedy offers many great lessons about entrepreneurship: it debunks gender stereotypes in a predominantly female-centric industry, it highlights concepts of competition, the need for innovation and improvisation, and how to meet customer needs. 

#3 Entrepreneur Movies & TV

The Founder 

Rated - PG-13 |  Available for Watch - Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV, Youtube Premium 

This is a classic entrepreneurship film that follows the true story of Ray Kroc who meets Mac and Dick Donald, 2 brothers who ran an efficient burger joint in the 1950s. Kroc saw the franchise potential and eventually turned the restaurant into the multi-billion dollar empire that is Mcdonald's. This story follows the process, systems, and organization necessary to turn a business into a huge success. 

#4 Entrepreneur Movies & TV

Girl Boss

Rated - PG | Available for Watch - Netflix 

A story loosely based on the founder and fashion designer of Nasty Gal, Sophia Amoruso. She unexpectedly becomes a businesswoman as she pursues her passion for fashion. This show highlights the various challenges of being your own boss, being a female CEO, and building your own company from the ground up. 

#5 Entrepreneur Movies & TV

Pursuit of Happyness 

Rated - PG-13 | Available for watch - Netflix, Prime Video, Youtube Premium

This film follows the story of a single father who struggles to make ends meet, and eventually becomes a successful businessman, founding his own brokerage firm. A few important themes throughout the movie include: taking risks, determination, perseverance, and believing in yourself. 

#6 Entrepreneur Movies & TV

The Social Network

Rated - PG-13 | Available for watch - Prime Video, Apple TV, Youtube Premium

This is the story of the creation of Facebook, which explains Mark Zuckerberg’s journey to success. The film highlights some key entrepreneurial concepts like the importance of understanding your audience, being able to pivot as times evolve, and knowing the legal and personal implications of success. 

#7 Entrepreneur Movies & TV


Rated - R | Available for watch - HBO Max, Hulu, Apple TV, Prime Video 

The head chef of a popular restaurant quits his job and starts his own food truck, where he can have full creative control and reignite his passion for cooking. This film unpacks the challenges of starting over and creating a successful business in an especially competitive sector. 

#8 Entrepreneur Movies & TV

The Devil Wears Prada

Rated - PG-13 | Available for watch - Prime Video, Apple TV, Youtube Premium

A recent college graduate lands a job at a prestigious runway magazine, and must learn the challenges of working her way up, and proving herself in a competitive industry. This movie teaches students to be confident, to know the ins and outs of the industry they are working in, to be passionate about what you do, and to be bold in order to gain respect. 

#9 Entrepreneur Movies & TV


Rated - PG-13 | Available for watch - Prime Video, Apple TV, Youtube Premium

The film follows the story of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, the founders of Apple. It highlights the ups and downs that come with creating a completely new invention, the importance of putting consumer needs at the forefront of all decisions, and the need for a strong team to make a dream become a reality. 

#10 Entrepreneur Movies & TV

The Intern 

Rated - PG-13 | Available for watch - Hulu, Apple TV, Youtube Premium

A 70-year-old widower is looking to come out of retirement and start fresh. He becomes a senior intern at an online fashion site and must navigate the advancing and ever-changing business world. This movie highlights a few of the things that never change about business, across generations and new innovations, which are: passion, attention to detail, a strong work ethic, and a willingness to learn, grow, and adapt. 

How to Incorporate Movies into the Day 

  • Learning Movie Day: full movie day along with asking students some fun questions to make sure they learned about the entrepreneur...
    • What problem they solved, who they solved it for, something that surprised them
    • This can include a full report on the movie, including a critical analysis of some things that they think the entrepreneur could have done better, the lessons they learned, and how they can apply the film to their own experiences
  • Movie Mini-Lessons: pick a scene or section of the movie or show that corresponds with a lesson that you’re teaching and only show that part of the movie. Then have a class discussion about key takeaways related to the lesson
    • Example: Daddy Day Care shows a scene where they must compete with the other daycare programs in order to make theirs successful. During a lesson about understanding who your customer is, have students unpack how the dads learned about their customers' needs and how they were able to differentiate their own service.

We hope you found some new ways to make movies educational and engaging in your classroom discussions. Download a full pdf version of this resource, so you can refer back to it before your next classroom movie day

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