Mindset & Milestones seeks to address the problems of opportunity deficits and lack of self-efficacy and confidence in girls by introducing them to entrepreneurial learning curriculum. Entrepreneurship not only exercises problem-solving skills, but it also allows girls to find the value in their ideas and find a way to succeed in the face of adversity

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During our founder's freshman year of college at UCLA, she found herself being intolerably upset with the problems of inequality plaguing women. Gender pay gap, leadership gap, lack of representation across the board, take your pick. She knew she wanted to do something about it, but she had absolutely no clue how to do that, but she was determined to try.

So her thought was, “maybe start an organization, but exactly what will we do?” She had vaguely heard the term “entrepreneurship tossed around, but she had no clue what it was. Out of nothing more than curiosity, she decided to schedule a meeting with a venture consultant at her university's entrepreneurship office. The director explained what people meant when they were referring to "entrepreneurs" and what their office could do in terms of helping her gain clarity on her idea.

She met with the consultants of for several weeks and in about the 3rd brainstorming session, it hit her. “This is it, entrepreneurship, that’s it!”. After her meetings and getting some basic information about entrepreneurship, she realized that at its core, entrepreneurship was everything society has historically taught girls not to be: brave, adventurous, risk-taking, independent (emotionally and financially). That moment changed her course of action and now she had a goal in sight.

She set out to learn everything she possibly could about the mindset required to start a business because that was the part that she felt was so crucial to teach young girls. She got an internship with a start up company, took on a leadership role with a startup non-profit, got strong female mentors who were entrepreneurs, read books, watched TED talks, and anything else she could think of. Two years later, there it was.


She finished writing her first product that not only could teach young women (middle and high school age) about the basics of entrepreneurship, but also could push them to challenge the mental and emotional barriers that keep people from starting businesses and hinder them in their efforts to persistent. Except then, it was a poorly designed powerpoint document.


Today, thanks to the help of a graphic designer and dedication, that product is a living, breathing (metaphorically speaking) work books with 172 pages of space of room to discover titled “Mindset & Milestones: A Girl’s Guide To Thinking Like An Entrepreneur”. But it has grown to become and represent so much more. 


Mindset & Milestones mission is very clear: prepare young women to succeed in the world as it is while creating the world as it should be. The skills they learn from our entrepreneurial curriculum will follow them into the classroom, on social media, in the boardroom, and beyond. We effect change one class, one lesson, one girl at a time.



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