Every lightbulb moment”  begins with a problem.

How Many Students Feel That What They're Learning in Class Helps Them Outside of School?

If you think back to when you were in elementary, middle, and high school, what classes stick out the most to you? Everyone’s answer is different, but generally, we remember the classes in which the subject or teacher inspired us. Studies have shown that promoting interest positively affects a more motivated, engaged, and active learning environment.  

Sadly, a survey of over 230,000 students in grades 3 through 12, showed that only half of them actually found what they were learning interesting and relevant to the real world. Students want to learn more tangible and relevant skills that will contribute to their daily lives and futures!

To us, entrepreneurship isn’t about operating a business. It’s about expanding horizons.

Not everyone goes into careers that involve calculus, chemistry, or geography, but everyone can benefit from being taught how to problem solve, think critically, collaborate with others, and brainstorm innovative solutions. These are only a few of the skills that students can gain from an entrepreneurial curriculum that is critical for success in any career path!

Whether your students are scientists, mathematicians, writers, or historians, entrepreneurship provides a unique opportunity for students to apply their passions in a multitude of ways, while learning real-world skills. Developing an entrepreneurial mindset is essential for any future career, especially as soft skills in the workplace have become more important now than ever before

Mindset and Milestones’ curriculum opens up doors and reveals opportunities that have always been there, but that youth have not always been encouraged to see.

Mindset Essentials for Teachers was created to help educators like you facilitate meaningful discussions and collaboration that ultimately shift mindsets around what’s possible. It’s a turn-key solution that can be implemented into your existing curriculum and integrated with your teaching style to enhance the content you’re already presenting.

We’ve designed this curriculum at the intersection of life skills, college preparation, and classroom integration. It’s been reviewed and refined through the lens of students, their ideas, and the teachers that are willing to step into the mentor roles to guide the next generation on their entrepreneurial journeys.

We know what you might be thinking – not everyone wants to be a business owner. And we couldn’t agree more.

To us, entrepreneurship isn’t about owning and operating a business. It’s about expanding horizons, validating the problems young people see in the world, and empowering them to discover new solutions, whether they want to be business owners or high-performing employees in career paths they love.

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We create materials to help teachers provide youth with entrepreneurial skills! Our curriculum not only empowers youth but also gives educators the tools to lead entrepreneurial experiences in their own programs, classrooms, and more.
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