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Startup workshops


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The Workbook

Introduces girls to entrepreneurship, from the basics to ideation to business pitches and more! It takes girls through their thoughts and passions, then allows them to develop a startup idea of their own and a plan to make it real!


Along the way, girls will learn new terms, solve a problem they care about  and dive into the world of entrepreneurship. Start the journey today!!


Pick up a few extra copies and make a group!



Designed to get girls excited about entrepreneurship and started on their own ideas! (COMING SOON!)

Workshop #1
She's An Entrepreneur

Will introduce girls to entrepreneurship, address stereotypes, and allow girls to see themselves as entrepreneurs!

  • Prep Checklist
  • Facilitator Guide
  • Worksheet packet
  • Entrepreneur Personality Quiz
Workshop #2
Her First Startup Idea

Gets girls thinking about problem solving like entrepreneurs, how problems make room for startups, and they finish with an idea of their own!

  • Prep Checklist
  • Facilitator Guide
  • Worksheet packet
  • "Problems Big & Small" Game

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