75 Unique Ideas for Class Projects - Middle and High School Teachers

75 Ideas for Class Projects

Teachers, we have a serious engagement problem in the classroom.

A national youth survey found that 54% of high school students feel like school is not relevant to the real world. Have you ever wondered how we can make learning more engaging, practical, and relevant for students? This is where real-world learning class projects come into play, a concept that’s gaining momentum in educational circles. Let’s dive into what these projects are all about, their incredible benefits, and how teachers can seamlessly weave them into their existing curriculums.

Imagine a classroom where students aren’t just cramming for the next test but are actually solving real-life problems. That’s the essence of real-world learning projects. These aren’t your typical textbook exercises; they are hands-on, practical tasks that mirror real-life challenges. Think students developing a business plan for a startup idea or investigating environmental issues through scientific research. At Mindset & Milestones, our goal is to make it super easy for you to do that regardless of the subject you teach.

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Why Real-World Learning Class Projects are Game-Changers

When students work on class projects that reflect real-life scenarios, something amazing happens. Their learning becomes more engaging and meaningful. Why? Because they see the direct application of their classroom knowledge to real-world situations. This approach doesn’t just keep them hooked but also arms them with critical 21st-century skills like creativity, collaboration, and digital literacy. Plus, tackling real-world problems boosts problem-solving skills and confidence.

Benefits of class projects for the real-world

Bringing the Real World into the Classroom through Class Projects

So, how do educators bring this innovative approach into their classrooms? It’s all about finding the right balance. Class projects should align with learning objectives while being flexible enough to fit into various schedules. Mindset & Milestones, for instance, offers projects that can be completed in as little as 1 hour or spread out over 8 hours. Get a free full class project here !

It just depends on whether you have a free day and you need a fun activity or your students are struggling with a concept and you need some applied learning so you dive into a full capstone class project. It can also be more engaging to give students the space to choose aspects of their projects like the topic or subject area that resonate with their interests or career goals. This can make a world of difference in their engagement levels.

Technology plays a big role here too. Utilizing digital tools for research and collaboration not only makes these projects more accessible but also equips students with essential digital skills. And let’s not forget the power of community connections. By involving local businesses and professionals, students get a taste of real-world experiences and mentorship, which is invaluable.

With all of that said, let’s get into the projects!

75 Fun and Engaging Class Project Ideas

These projects are meant to make your life easier, and your students' lives more exciting! They will develop real-world skills while building their own portfolio of projects and filling up their list of skills by the time they graduate high school. It's a win-win!

Math Class Projects

  1. Budget Planning Project: Students create a monthly budget for a fictional family based on given income and expenses.
  2. Geometry in Architecture: Design a model of a building using geometric shapes and principles.
  3. Math in Cooking: Create a cookbook with recipes that require measurement conversions.
  4. Stock Market Analysis: Track and analyze stock market trends using mathematical formulas.
  5. Mathematical Art Creation: Use mathematical concepts to create fractal art or tessellations.Sports Statistics Analysis: Analyze sports data to make predictions about future games or seasons.
  6. Mathematical Escape Room: Design a math-based escape room with puzzles to solve.
  7. Building a Small Business Budget: Develop a budget for a start-up business, including costs and projected income.
  8. Math in Music Rhythms: Explore mathematical patterns in music composition and rhythm.
  9. Probability Casino: Create games of chance and calculate their probabilities and expected values.
  10. Mathematical Model of a City: Create a scale model of a city, applying geometric concepts and scale factors.
  11. Bridge Building Challenge: Build a model bridge and test its strength using principles of physics and math.
  12. Math Trail Adventure: Design a math trail around the school, with mathematical challenges at each stop.
  13. Personal Finance Management: Develop a personal finance plan, including savings, investments, and budgeting.
  14. Geometry Fashion Design: Create a clothing line inspired by geometric shapes and patterns.

Science Class Projects

  1. Ecosystem Model: Build a model to demonstrate an ecosystem's food chain and energy flow.
  2. Renewable Energy Solutions: Investigate and present renewable energy sources for sustainable living.
  3. DNA Extraction Experiment: Extract DNA from a fruit or vegetable and explain the process.
  4. Homemade Water Filtration: Design and test a water filtration system using household items.
  5. Solar System Model: Create a scale model of the solar system demonstrating planetary orbits.
  6. Climate Change Research Presentation: Research and present the effects of climate change on a specific region.
  7. Volcano Eruption Simulation: Build a model volcano and demonstrate an eruption using chemical reactions.
  8. Recycling and Upcycling Project: Design and create new objects from recycled materials.
  9. Plant Growth Experiment: Investigate how different variables affect plant growth in a controlled experiment.
  10. Human Body Systems Model: Create detailed models of various human body systems.
  11. Homemade Solar Cooker: Build and test a solar cooker, analyzing its efficiency.
  12. Science Fair Project on Water Quality: Conduct a study on local water quality and present findings.
  13. Robotics and Engineering Challenge: Design and build a simple robot to perform a specific task.
  14. Astronomy Star Charting: Create star charts and learn basic astronomy through observation.
  15. Biodiversity Survey of Local Area: Conduct a biodiversity survey in a local ecosystem.

English Class Projects

  1. Creative Storytelling Podcast: Produce a podcast featuring original short stories.
  2. Modern Shakespeare Play: Adapt a Shakespeare play into a modern setting and script.
  3. Character Blog Creation: Write blog posts from the perspective of a character in a novel.
  4. Poetry Anthology: Compile and publish a class anthology of original poetry.
  5. News Reporting Project: Produce a news report on a current event, complete with interviews.
  6. Book-to-Film Adaptation Script: Write a script to adapt a book or short story into a film.
  7. Literary Magazine Production: Create a class literary magazine featuring student writing and art.
  8. Historical Fiction Writing: Write a short story set in a specific historical period.
  9. Debate Club on Literary Themes: Host debates on major themes found in literature studied in class.
  10. Biography Project: Write a biography of a local community member or historical figure.
  11. Oral History Project: Record and present oral histories from community members.
  12. Interactive Storytelling Game: Create an interactive, choose-your-own-adventure story.
  13. Documentary on a Literary Figure: Produce a documentary about a famous author or literary figure.
  14. Cultural Story Exchange: Write and exchange stories with students from another country or culture.
  15. Dystopian Society Newspaper: Create a newspaper set in a fictional dystopian society.

Art Class Projects

  1. Community Mural Design: Design and paint a mural that represents community values.
  2. Photography Exhibit on Social Issues: Capture and exhibit photographs that highlight a current social issue.
  3. Recycled Art Sculptures: Create sculptures using only recycled or repurposed materials.
  4. Animation Short Film: Produce a short animation film on a topic of choice.
  5. Fashion Design Using Unconventional Materials: Design a piece of clothing using unconventional materials.
  6. Ceramic Pottery with Cultural Influence: Create ceramic pieces influenced by a specific culture's art style.
  7. Interactive Art Installation: Design an interactive art installation for the school community.
  8. Graphic Novel Creation: Write and illustrate an original graphic novel.
  9. Environmental Art Project: Create art pieces that raise awareness about environmental conservation.
  10. Portrait Series of Local Heroes: Paint or draw a series of portraits featuring local community heroes.
  11. Art Therapy Workshop: Organize an art therapy workshop to explore emotions through art.
  12. Cultural Heritage Art Exhibition: Curate an exhibition showcasing art inspired by students' cultural heritage.
  13. Art Through Mathematics: Create art pieces that visually represent mathematical concepts.
  14. Wildlife Conservation Poster Series: Design posters to promote wildlife conservation.
  15. Digital Art Portfolio: Create a digital portfolio showcasing student artwork.

Business and Entrepreneurship Class Projects

  1. Business Plan Development: Develop a comprehensive business plan for a startup idea.
  2. Marketing Campaign for a Local Business: Create a marketing campaign for a local small business.
  3. Social Entrepreneurship Project: Develop a business plan for a social enterprise that addresses a community issue.
  4. Stock Market Simulation: Participate in a simulated stock market challenge to learn about investing.
  5. Product Design and Pitch: Design a product and pitch it to 'investors' in a Shark Tank-style presentation.
  6. E-commerce Website Creation: Build an e-commerce website for a fictional or real product.
  7. Advertising Campaign Project: Develop an advertising campaign for a product or service.
  8. Entrepreneurial Interview Series: Conduct and present interviews with local entrepreneurs.
  9. Virtual Company Management: Run a virtual company and make decisions about production, marketing, and finance.
  10. Business Ethics Case Study: Analyze and present a case study on business ethics.
  11. Youth Entrepreneurship Fair: Organize a fair where students present their business ideas.
  12. Sustainable Business Practices Plan: Develop a plan to make a business more environmentally sustainable.
  13. Local Business Revitalization Project: Students work with a local small business to develop strategies to increase their customer base and revenue, focusing on digital transformation and community engagement.
  14. Franchise Model Study: Students select a successful franchise, study its business model, and create a presentation or report on what makes the franchise successful, including aspects like branding, operations, and franchising strategies.
  15. 'Green' Business Initiative: Students create a business plan for an eco-friendly product or service, focusing on sustainability, environmental impact, and potential market demand.
  16. Social Media Startup Challenge: Students develop a concept for a new social media platform, focusing on unique features, target audience, privacy policies, and a marketing strategy to compete in the digital landscape.

Still wanting to find something that works perfectly for your classroom? We have something else for you!


Real-world learning projects are transforming the way we think about education. They make learning more dynamic, relevant, and skill-focused. By integrating these projects into existing curriculums, teachers can offer students a more enriched educational experience that not only prepares them for academic success but also sets them up for real-life challenges. So, let’s embrace this shift and help our students learn not just for school, but for life!

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